The Locomotor System

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The Locomotor system of the human body ensures the stability and mobility of the organism. Moving your hand or leg, smiling, closing your eyes and every other movement you do is due to this system. This system contains of the bones and the muscles.

The number of bones in the grown up is 206. Babies have a greater amount of bones, but as they age the bones combine with each other, forming bigger, more stable ones. Muscles are attached to the bones and because of this attachment movement is possible. Usually each muscle is attached to two bones and when it contracts the bones move as well as the body. Contraction of muscle tissue inside the organs creates peristalsis – very important for numerous functions that are essential for the organism. The muscles in your face that let you make mimics have a different way of attachment – they are connected to a bone and to the skin. Because of this when they contract, the skin is moved and the specific mimics are expressed. There are more than 500 muscles in the body. Read more