One Great Piece Of Advice

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Long time ago I used to be in a very dark place in my head. It was really confusing for me and I could feel that there is nothing that can help me feel better. It was a ridiculous feeling but it felt really real for me. I had started up this routine that was taking away every string of life in me. Day after day absolutely everything was the same, nothing good was happening, only bad things. It is extremely hard to keep up being positive in such situations. I knew that I need to do something to make my life more interesting and run away from all this monotonous, personality killing life.

Anyways, my point of sharing this, was because I wanted to show that even in the darkest time of your life, you should forget about how hard everything is and how impossible it seems that it will ever get better. You just need to try to change it, maybe not right away but gradually and wait for good things to happen. Maintain positive energy and thinking. Read more

Breast Cancer

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What is breast cancer and how prone am I to get it?

Breast cancer affects more and more women. It is estimated that one in eight women is going to have this type of cancer. Breast cancer develops in different tissues of the breasts. There are different  factors that lead to this condition. Most of them are inevitable. These risk factors include:

  • Age – as the woman gets older the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer increases
  • Cancer history – if there were cases in the family of breast cancer before, then chances of contracting this disease are higher
  • Genetic information – we do not choose what genes to wear in our cells, but when the human genome was decoded in the Human Genome Project it became obvious that some people are more prone to specific diseases than others
  • Radiation – this is a factor that causes all kinds of cancer, as well as other diseases

These are the basic factors that increase the chance of breast cancer. Read more

Keep a positive mind to have a healthy body

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Your brain is the control center of everything that takes place in your body. Emotions, feelings, memories – it is all connected to the brain. The neuron connections and impulse transmissions make our thoughts as well. They way you think affects your whole being.

If you wake up with the thought that today is going to be a bad day then the chance that it will be is really high. It will change your expectation of the day activities, it will send vibrations to the people around you, caused by your own feelings and emotions. It all happens on a subconscious level. Even though you hope it will be a good day, if you are convinced in your mind that it is not, then you make it bad by yourself.

Thinking positively is not easy especially if many unpleasant memories are at hand. It is hard to keep being optimistic if you have years of bad experiences. But have you ever thought that maybe you caused it? Yes, you have had bad experiences, but did you try to keep on your normal life afterwards? Or did you keep on repeating it in your mind, expecting more and more bad memories, refusing for anything good to happen to you? It is really easy to go down that road and extremely hard to overcome it.  Most of the times you need help and support of the people around you. But it is you and only you who can change it. You cannot hope for something and be convinced that the complete opposite will happen. Start gradually changing that and even if there is no result – wait for it. It will take time. You need to take out any bad thoughts out of your mind – let your brain be stress free. Let your brain do its job in a normal condition and not overwhelmed by the bad memories. Read more