Health Benefits Of Eating Chili Every Day With Your Meal

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Many people are so used to eating chilies that without them their meal is not delicious at all. Others, like me, are not used to eating chilies at all. I have tried several times before but the burning heat sensation that they cause is just too much for me. My mother is eating chilies with every meal. She usually takes away the seeds, because they have even greater burning sensation than the rest of the chili. In fact this is actually what is known about chilies. The benefits of eating them are actually many.

If you have diabetes or you are overweight, then chili will help, because it reduces the sugar level in the blood. The exact way of achieving this is still not researched but it has been proved that the necessary insulin to reduce the exceeded sugar after a meal is reduced by 60%.

Chili also affects the peristalsis of the intestines. The peristalsis means the subsequent contraction and relaxation of the muscles in the intestine wall. This is how the food you intake moves through your digestive system and the necessary nutritive substances are transmitted in the blood. This is really important, because it helps your organism to quickly gather the needed substances and dispose the rest. Problems with normal peristalsis actually lead to keeping of unneeded substances in the organism, which leads to overweight. For example, this is why you get recommended to drink tea, because it helps your normal metabolism, which includes peristalsis, therefore reduce your weight. Eating chili has that effect as well.

Chili also makes the blood thinner, lighter. This helps the pumping function of the heart. It means that less energy is needed for circulating your blood. Chili has a relaxing effect on the organism as well. The capsaicin ( this is the substance that causes the burning sensation when eating chili) interacts with a chemical called Substance P which is connected to perceiving pain. Chili reduces pain such as migraines and headaches.

Eating chili daily with your meals is a really good way to keep yourself healthy and resistant to numerous conditions.