Relax And Impove The Health Of Your Skin With The Benefits Of a Chocolate Bath

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If you are looking for a way how to completely relax after a long day or an unpleasant even, then this is one great choice. For centuries people have been using unusual ingredients when bathing – milk baths are one example for this. That is because of the health effects such ingredients have on the skin. As mentioned in the article for milk baths, chocolate baths also help moisturize the skin. Dry skin is not only unhealthy for the whole organism, but of course it is not quite good looking as well.

Giving yourself the luxury of experiencing such a way of relaxation, would improve the circulation of blood in your skin. That means more oxygen and nutritions are reaching the tissues in your skin, therefore cells can function better. It’s also known that every day dead cells from the surface of our skin are falling off and being replaced by division of cells underneath them. This most outer layer of the skin protects it against the UV rays in the sunlight.
Also it is important because it stands as physical and chemical barrier from substances around us. It is important to keep the normal balance between cells that are removed and the ones that replace them, because this is also a protection against microorganisms. The chocolate bath would help remove the unneeded cells from the stratum corneum. In this way the skin remains shiny and good looking and at the same time performing its functions the best way possible. Read more

Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas is of great help for me

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Visible body is a firm that offers services that are extremely hard to find anywhere else. Since a year or so I have been their customer. I purchased one of their products and it has been of great use to me.

The product I purchased was Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas. I know there are dozens of anatomy atlases out there on the market, but this virtual one offers many features. First of all, you do not have to carry an enormous heavy book around with you. It is absolutely enough to have a phone or a tablet to use this application. You can also use it on your laptop, easy and fast. Of course, you can use many atlases at once, which perhaps would be the best to get the possibly the best view of what you are reading about. I have had a lot of problems particularly with this subject. The atlas I was using was good I may say, but there were particular views that were missing. Because of this as other medical students know if you do not see it and understand it, then you have learned nothing. Read more

One Great Piece Of Advice

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Long time ago I used to be in a very dark place in my head. It was really confusing for me and I could feel that there is nothing that can help me feel better. It was a ridiculous feeling but it felt really real for me. I had started up this routine that was taking away every string of life in me. Day after day absolutely everything was the same, nothing good was happening, only bad things. It is extremely hard to keep up being positive in such situations. I knew that I need to do something to make my life more interesting and run away from all this monotonous, personality killing life.

Anyways, my point of sharing this, was because I wanted to show that even in the darkest time of your life, you should forget about how hard everything is and how impossible it seems that it will ever get better. You just need to try to change it, maybe not right away but gradually and wait for good things to happen. Maintain positive energy and thinking. Read more

Keep a positive mind to have a healthy body

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Your brain is the control center of everything that takes place in your body. Emotions, feelings, memories – it is all connected to the brain. The neuron connections and impulse transmissions make our thoughts as well. They way you think affects your whole being.

If you wake up with the thought that today is going to be a bad day then the chance that it will be is really high. It will change your expectation of the day activities, it will send vibrations to the people around you, caused by your own feelings and emotions. It all happens on a subconscious level. Even though you hope it will be a good day, if you are convinced in your mind that it is not, then you make it bad by yourself.

Thinking positively is not easy especially if many unpleasant memories are at hand. It is hard to keep being optimistic if you have years of bad experiences. But have you ever thought that maybe you caused it? Yes, you have had bad experiences, but did you try to keep on your normal life afterwards? Or did you keep on repeating it in your mind, expecting more and more bad memories, refusing for anything good to happen to you? It is really easy to go down that road and extremely hard to overcome it.  Most of the times you need help and support of the people around you. But it is you and only you who can change it. You cannot hope for something and be convinced that the complete opposite will happen. Start gradually changing that and even if there is no result – wait for it. It will take time. You need to take out any bad thoughts out of your mind – let your brain be stress free. Let your brain do its job in a normal condition and not overwhelmed by the bad memories. Read more

Milk baths do wonders to the skin

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Since centuries people have bathed in milk and there is a reason for this.

Drinking milk is good for your organism, especially for the bones, because it contains many vitamins and minerals, that are important. One glass of milk per day preferably in the morning is going to have a great effect on your body and give you energy.

What is actually the benefit of using milk not only to drink it but to also bathe in it?

The answer to this question is simple – it moisturizes and softens your skin. If you want to have a silk like skin this is what you should do. This is also a great way how to keep your skin healthy.

How to prepare a milk bath?

There are different ways how to proceed. One way is to prepare it on your own – just fill the bathtub with hot water and put a few glasses of milk in it. Be creative. You can experiment and include other ingredients – herbs, oils and anything else you might think is good for your skin.

Another way is to buy bath powders that are mixed with milk powder. The cost is not really high – 20 to 30$, but that will be enough for 6 to 8 baths. There is a really great diversity of such powders that you can choose from. Some of them might include different scents and ingredients which could cause allergic reactions to your skin, if it is really sensitive. The scents could be flowers, herbs and others – you can choose whatever you like. If you do not want to smell like any of those scents then just proceed with a self prepared milk bath.

Skin is really important not only for being attractive and good looking, but also because its functions in the organism are many and extremely significant. Milk baths contribute to your skin’s health. It is simple, easy and enjoyable.

Making the important decision of becoming a doctor

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So you have decided to take the path of becoming a doctor. There are two things you need to remember very well even from the very beginning – be patient and hardworking.

How did your family and friends react when you told them what you want to do for a living? Did they support you or did they not believe you able to achieve this goal?

When making this decision you should ask  yourself “Am I persistent enough?”.

Medicine is not at all about how smart you are. Yes, of course it might be a bit easier if your IQ is high. However, if it is not that does not mean you are incapable to be an amazing doctor. The basic thing you need is persistence. The process of educating yourself is extremely long, especially if you want to take a specialty such as cardio surgeon or neurosurgeon. That is 4 years of premedical school, another 4 years of medical school and then 5 or 6 years of specialization. Not to say about the high competition in this field. None of this should be of importance to you if you believe in yourself and in what you are capable of. Do not listen to people who tell you that you cannot manage this and show them the opposite. Being a great doctor is not about knowing every single fact of the books you had to read, but of knowing where to check it up in the rare cases when you need to, it is about having an open great heart, the desire of helping people, of being compassionate and caring.

Many doctors forget that patients have no way of knowing if their treatment is the right one. You as a doctor decide this. But they judge the competence of the doctor by their attitude. Be sure that if you are communicating with your patients, have a nice relaxing attitude, explaining everything in a way that they can understand, you would be an amazing doctor.

Do you think you can be like that? Can you be persistent enough to wait all these years to actually start working as a doctor? Do you think you are capable to spend countless hours every day studying? Giving up many times a nice outing with your friends, making sacrifices sometimes with your free time.

There is something important which you should follow if you decide to become a physician. Always try to balance between home and work. You need a clear mind and heart in order to do your job the way you should. If you are happy in your personal life, your positive energy will have an amazing effect on your patients.

I hope this can help out in this important decision, because you need to be really motivated and take it really seriously. It would not be good if you waste years of your life studying something which you get to hate in the end.