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Long time ago I used to be in a very dark place in my head. It was really confusing for me and I could feel that there is nothing that can help me feel better. It was a ridiculous feeling but it felt really real for me. I had started up this routine that was taking away every string of life in me. Day after day absolutely everything was the same, nothing good was happening, only bad things. It is extremely hard to keep up being positive in such situations. I knew that I need to do something to make my life more interesting and run away from all this monotonous, personality killing life.

Anyways, my point of sharing this, was because I wanted to show that even in the darkest time of your life, you should forget about how hard everything is and how impossible it seems that it will ever get better. You just need to try to change it, maybe not right away but gradually and wait for good things to happen. Maintain positive energy and thinking.

Back then I thought if there is somebody to talk about all of this it will help me. It was a silly choice but I found a site, where you could create a profile and write with other people. I do not remember the exact name of the site.  However, I posted there a short description of my situation and how hopeless and helpless I was feeling. I got a few replies, but one of them gave me the help I needed. The advice was:

“ Why don’t you do something that you have been wanting to do since a really long time but you still have not?”

It is a really simple thing, but at that point I did not think of it. So I asked myself what can I do which I have been wanting to. Since I wanted to communicate with people, what I did was to go online and write with complete strangers on  a daily basis. There is nothing easier than sharing with strangers you will never see in your life. After some weeks I started feeling better. It was indeed helping me. I even met some friends through this. One of them has become my best friend and we have been communicating since years. Do not underestimate the importance of your mental health. A person needs to be happy in order to have higher chances of avoiding illnesses.

This simple advice has helped me become what I am right now. I am not sure what I would have been doing right now if I would not have had all of these awesome experiences talking to strangers online. It is good to hear other peoples’ opinions and advice. Of course, it does not have to be online, it could be anywhere else. Also you could take up the advice in a different way. For example, you could sign a class in a music instrument if you have wanted to do that for a while. It is great entertainment and a way to meet others. The same is for dance classes and many other hobbies you can take up.

I hope sharing this with you is going to help if you are feeling even just slightly like I did years ago.  Look towards the clear blue sky and dream of such beauty and clearness in your life as well.

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