Making the important decision of becoming a doctor

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So you have decided to take the path of becoming a doctor. There are two things you need to remember very well even from the very beginning – be patient and hardworking.

How did your family and friends react when you told them what you want to do for a living? Did they support you or did they not believe you able to achieve this goal?

When making this decision you should ask  yourself “Am I persistent enough?”.

Medicine is not at all about how smart you are. Yes, of course it might be a bit easier if your IQ is high. However, if it is not that does not mean you are incapable to be an amazing doctor. The basic thing you need is persistence. The process of educating yourself is extremely long, especially if you want to take a specialty such as cardio surgeon or neurosurgeon. That is 4 years of premedical school, another 4 years of medical school and then 5 or 6 years of specialization. Not to say about the high competition in this field. None of this should be of importance to you if you believe in yourself and in what you are capable of. Do not listen to people who tell you that you cannot manage this and show them the opposite. Being a great doctor is not about knowing every single fact of the books you had to read, but of knowing where to check it up in the rare cases when you need to, it is about having an open great heart, the desire of helping people, of being compassionate and caring.

Many doctors forget that patients have no way of knowing if their treatment is the right one. You as a doctor decide this. But they judge the competence of the doctor by their attitude. Be sure that if you are communicating with your patients, have a nice relaxing attitude, explaining everything in a way that they can understand, you would be an amazing doctor.

Do you think you can be like that? Can you be persistent enough to wait all these years to actually start working as a doctor? Do you think you are capable to spend countless hours every day studying? Giving up many times a nice outing with your friends, making sacrifices sometimes with your free time.

There is something important which you should follow if you decide to become a physician. Always try to balance between home and work. You need a clear mind and heart in order to do your job the way you should. If you are happy in your personal life, your positive energy will have an amazing effect on your patients.

I hope this can help out in this important decision, because you need to be really motivated and take it really seriously. It would not be good if you waste years of your life studying something which you get to hate in the end.


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