HIFU treatment of prostate cancer

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The percentage of men suffering prostate cancer increases with every year. Cancer is a really dangerous disease, that seems to be affecting more and more people. It is life threatening and there is no real treatment for it. Prostate cancer is a type which also could have a lethal outcome. The prostate is an organ of the male reproductive system. It participates in men normal sexual activity, produces liquid that takes part in the semen. It helps for the normal function of the spermatozoids.

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer has a really big impact on one’s life.  Of course, there are different ways that can be taken as a treatment. The information about each one of them would be given by the doctor and the staff. There would be help and any questions will be answered.

HIFU treatment

Most doctors advise their patients to choose the HIFU treatment. It is a new way of treating prostate cancer. It is preferred because of its least invasion of other tissues. Cancerous tissue is addressed with ultrasound waves that lead to increase in temperature and destroying the cells of this tissue. Any other cells around it are not damaged. The specific place is easy to be treated without having the usual side effects of the other treatments. HIFU technique lets the doctor have a good imaging resolution. This is extremely important for the normal performing of this procedure.

Great side of HIFU treatment is also that there is no hospitalization after the procedure. You can go home and enjoy the time with your family. There is no better place to regain strength and health than the place you call home.

The precision minimum invasion of the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment and its great outcome is one great choice for prostate cancer patients.

Side effects

Of course this treatment has its side effects, which the doctor should explain before further proceeding. Such are:

  • Proteinuria
  • Prostatitis
  • Pain around the treated tissues
  • Difficulty during urinating
  • Hematospermia

HIFU treatment gives good chances to the patients. However, cancer is a disease that can always revive. Check ups should be performed to make sure everything is okay.

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