Tea – the second most common drink in the world

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Tea is one easy to prepare type of drink, which especially with today’s technology could be made within minutes. It is the second most common drink in the world after water. This is for sure not by chance.

Why do people like tea?

The answer is quite simple – it is delicious. What is better than having a hot cup of nice, just prepared tea with a spoon of honey in it. The amazing aromatic scent of the tea even makes it a pleasure. There are so many different types of tea tastes – from fruits and flowers to mixtures of different herbs. There are so many people who do this on a daily basis and feel the power this kind of relaxation gives them.

Why is it good to drink tea every day?

Most of the people believe that tea dehydrates their bodies. Probably the reason for this is the sustaining of caffeine in it. Yes, taken in high doses it could lead to dehydration. However, the concentration of caffeine in tea is not that high and there is no such effect as dehydration of the body. Even doctors recommend to their patients when they have the flu to drink tea. It is a hot drink which would help for the throat but also would sum up to the necessary amount of liquid needed to be consumed daily. Especially while having a disease, drinking tea is extremely helpful. Yes, it is not a traditional medicine, but it has substances which are extremely important for the organism, for its normal processes and protection. This also proves that drinking tea daily could mean keeping your body healthy and protecting it from the antigens which could attack it.

Some of those substances are :

  • Polyphenols
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

Polyphenols act as antioxidants in the body. These substances are really important of taking care of free radicals in the organism. Free radicals have a harmful effect on cells and tissues, therefore on the whole body as well. Vitamin A acts also as an antioxidant. Vitamin E is important for maintaining the health of the heart, as well for the structures in the skin. Vitamin C is important for keeping the resistance and immunity in the organism. It is extremely important for smokers, since nicotine decreases the amount of Vitamin C in the body, therefore it has a really bad effect on the whole state of the organism.

How many cups of tea should be taken for a healthy effect?

Even one cup of tea daily would be better than none. However, of course like any other substance, which people can intake, overdosing could mean harm. Usually the best amount is to drink four or five cups of tea daily. No more, no less than this.

Does tea have an effect on people who want to lose weight?

Tea has a major effect on the body’s metabolism. Metabolism is actually in guilt for putting on weight. If you have a slow metabolism, then even if you take the perfect amount of food substances daily this would not help to reduce weight. Usually normal pace of metabolism means a normal amount of food substances daily and keeping your permanent weight. Fast metabolism means even overeating sometimes would not have a large impact on your weight. There are certain diseases where metabolism slows down and this makes the people prone to putting on weight. Tea in such cases helps quite a lot to maintain a normal metabolism.

Other effects of tea

There are certain types of tea, which lead to the so called “tea drunk” state. People describe it to be similar to the alcohol buzz. Such type of tea for example is the Oolong.

Tea was proven to be useful for people – for their overall health and protection against diseases. It is good for hydration when taken in normal quantities. Do your body a favor and prepare a nice, hot cup of tea.

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