Is Activia Yoghurt good for you?

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Activia yoghurt is one of the best known products on the market. There are many women who eat it on a daily basis, perhaps not only women. The effect of Activia should be to help your organism maintain a normal metabolism. This is why it is supposed to help losing weight, because due to its help the organism parts with unneeded substances. However, the effect depends on each person. As you know every person is unique and this is shown in pretty much every part of it. For example, people are initially different in their minds –a particular thing for one person could be completely different for another person.  If you think in a specific way, it does not mean the other person thinks the same. Even if they do it would not be 100% the same as what you think. If for you one type of scent is good, then for the other person it could be bad. Everything about us is unique.

The same is with your organism. Substances have different effects. Activia yoghurt has no effect on me. It does not help change my metabolism to normal. On the other hand, it helps my mother and she actually lost weight. If my dad eats even one can of this yoghurt, he needs to go to the toilet immediately. As you can see different people, different effects.

The good thing is that Activia yoghurt is offered in a really great variety of tastes. I love the muesli one and the strawberry one. There are many others that could fit your taste. There is the basic one which is completely tasteless for me so I cannot really eat it. If you have not yet tried it out I recommend that you do and see what effect it has on you. Maybe it does indeed help your metabolism.

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