Harmful Effects Of Salt On The Organism

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Salt in large quantities can be extremely harmful to the organism. My father is a good example of a person that cannot eat a single meal without tons of salt in it. I on the other hand find it really hard to eat even slightly salted meals. I practically eat almost no salt, otherwise it is too bitter for my taste.

Salt is bad for many organs. For example, kidneys are extremely important part of the urinary system. Their function in the organism is essential. They help release the additional water from your blood out of your body. That is possible because the blood is all the time filtered in special structures of the kidneys called nephrons. The filtering of the blood is possible because of a process called osmosis. In order for osmosis to take place there should be a balance of sodium and potassium. Eating too much salt causes the increase of sodium in the blood. This is bad for the balance needed for osmosis and the blood is not efficiently filtered. There is more water left in the blood than it should be.

All of this leads to high blood pressure. The bad health effects of this condition are many. Most importantly this means higher pressure to the walls of the arteries. The artery wall is made out of three tissues – muscle tissue, epithelium and connective tissue. Higher blood pressure affects the muscle tissue and increases the size of the small muscles in it. This makes the lumen  ( cavity ) of the artery smaller. Because of this the amount of blood able to pass through it decreases. If you have large intakes of cholesterol this effect is even worse. It is possible for the artery to burst or to even blot so that no blood can go through it. The result is the particular tissues are left without any nutritions and oxygen, therefore their cells die.  If you eat much salt every day then after months or years the normal function of the kidneys would be affected. This leads to kidney disease. The high blood pressure also affects the heart function. If the arteries that nurture the heart are with smaller cavity then less blood will reach the heart tissues and this will lead to heart failure. This is mutual for any other organ whose arteries have a decreased flow of blood. Eating too much salt reduces your eyesight.

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