Cola – one of the most unhealthy soft drinks

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For years Coca Cola company has been offering ones of the most well sold and demanded products on the market. Millions of people around the world have tried out drinking cola. Most of them even drink it on a daily basis. How many cans of cola do you drink per day? How about per week? Did you ever think about what is it that makes cola so wanted and addictive? In the past cola was produced using Cocaine. This is actually where the name of it started – Coke. As years followed, the manufacturers had to change their formula so that it fits the health requirements. Instead of Cocaine nowadays they use caffeine. However, the addictive and unhealthy effect is still present.

Let’s take a look at what the basic ingredients of a can of cola are:

  • Sugar ( approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar)
  • Carbonated water
  • Caffeine
  • Phosphoric acid

The sugar you observe with one can of cola is actually the amount you need for the whole day. This fast intake increases your blood sugar, making your pancreas produce more insulin in order to turn the additional sugar into fat. This reaction could be compared to the so called stress of the organism. Everything taken in greater quantities in the organism is extremely unhealthy. The reason that you do not vomit after taking in so much sugar at once is the presence of phosphoric acid in the cola.

The phosphoric acid binds important for the organism minerals – calcium, magnesium and zinc. Due to the caffeine there is an urge to urinate and because of that you release through your urine the water from the cola, together with the phosphoric acid that is bound to the important minerals. Just as an example those minerals are extremely important for healthy and hard bones. Magnesium is also really important for the cell organels that produce proteins. Calcium is also really important for muscle contractions. So instead of letting your organism use these minerals for essential needs, they are simply wasted with every can of cola.

The caffeine leads to increase in blood pressure and dilation of the pupils. The liver releases sugar in the blood and the receptors of adenosine in the brain are blocked. At the same time a higher amount of dopamine is produced in the body, which affects the pleasure receptors. This is how heroin affects the brain and causes addiction.

The effect does not last long and once it is gone there are different mental states such as irritation. Each can of cola has 140 calories, therefore it is even worse for people who are trying to lose weight.

Now try to imagine what it is like for your organism every time when you let yourself have a can of cola. Think about the mood change which it gives you after drinking it. One great favor to yourself that you can do is to quit drinking cola.

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