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What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that many people have been diagnosed with. There is no real treatment for it, it lasts a lifetime. It is connected to a hormone – insulin, that is produced by the pancreas. Insulin is important for letting additional sugar from the blood inside the cells. If there is some change in the normal quantity of insulin released into the blood by the pancreas, then more sugar than the normal amount will stay in the blood. However, in the organism there is a basic rule – homeostasis. Every liquid has a specific concentration of each substance and this is extremely important for every function that takes place. Additional  sugar in your blood will lead to different changes in your organs, which will affect their normal function. This leads to death.

The reason for abnormal reaction to insulin could be different. Some people have problems with their pancreas and this organ does not release enough insulin. The cells of other people are incapable of reacting to insulin because of a mutation in their receptors. If they do not react together then all the insulin and sugar will stay in the blood, cells will receive none.

What are the symptoms of it?

Diabetes is accompanied by different symptoms. These could include blurry vision and decrease in normal eyesight, excess need to urinate, as well as thirst, feeling fatigued and hungry more than normal, losing weight. The thing is that symptoms could vary, because diabetes affects every single organ in the body. As more time passes the risk of more severe conditions increase. There could be need of amputation of toes of the legs, it could lead to blood clotting, which could lead to death. This is what my grandmother died from – a blood clot formed in her lungs and stopping oxygenated blood from flowing, she practically died from lack of air. It is extremely important to share every symptom you have with your doctor, be around people and be near an emergency building. You do not know when you might need this assistance.

Diabetes causes complications in pregnancy as well. Women have a harder time getting pregnant and the rate of spontaneous abortions is higher than with normal women. Also the rate of birth mutation is higher as well.

What is the treatment?

So far the treatment depends on the type of diabetes. If it is not that severe you will be prescribed pills. On the other hand insulin would be needed to be injected into you on a daily basis. There are some preventing pills that are recommended for people who have family members with diabetes, because there is a higher risk of getting diabetes. This is due to your genes.  However, it is proved that the factor apart from genetics, that leads to diabetes is stress. You need to stay calm and try to save your organism from all the dramatic changes caused from stress.

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