Breast Cancer

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What is breast cancer and how prone am I to get it?

Breast cancer affects more and more women. It is estimated that one in eight women is going to have this type of cancer. Breast cancer develops in different tissues of the breasts. There are different  factors that lead to this condition. Most of them are inevitable. These risk factors include:

  • Age – as the woman gets older the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer increases
  • Cancer history – if there were cases in the family of breast cancer before, then chances of contracting this disease are higher
  • Genetic information – we do not choose what genes to wear in our cells, but when the human genome was decoded in the Human Genome Project it became obvious that some people are more prone to specific diseases than others
  • Radiation – this is a factor that causes all kinds of cancer, as well as other diseases

These are the basic factors that increase the chance of breast cancer.

What types of breast cancer are there?

There are two types of breast cancer:

  1. Ductal carcinoma – this is  a cancer that starts from the tubes inside the breast, that lead the milk towards the nipple
  2. Lobular carcinoma – this cancer starts in the lobules of the breasts, where milk is produced

Like other types of cancer this one can also spread. The first step is to spread in other tissues inside the breast. Then it is called invasive. If it has not yet spread then it is called noninvasive. Of course, noninvasive cancer is easier to treat.

What are the possible ways of treatment?

There are different cancer treatments. Most often treatments  are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and hormonal therapy. The aim is to either destroy or take out the cancerous tissues of the breast.  It is extremely important to keep a positive attitude for any of these treatments, because this will increase the chances of good results. You should be completely convinced that you will be cured and this will help both you and your doctors. Cancer is a disease that can revive at any time, therefore regular check ups are due to maintain health.

There are different help groups to help you believe that nothing is lost. Let your family support you as well and make them see that you are strong.

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