About me

My name is Militsa Georgieva. I live and study in Sofia, Bulgaria. I got accepted in Medical university Sofia in 2012. Originally I am from a small town in Bulgaria called Yambol. I have always dreamed of living in a bigger city and this came true. Studying medicine was another dream for me, which I have had since I was really little. I did not believe that I am actually going to take up this road someday, because of the great responsibility and practically no free time. Over the years my mind kept on changing and it led me to medical university. Now I am ready and extremely curious to walk this road of becoming a doctor.

Starting up this blog I believe would help me in many ways. I think it will be useful to write down the things, which I am learning. It is easier to memorize. It will be a  plus for my English as well. I want to do my residency in the USA, after taking the three steps in USMLE. I would like to live and work there. This is also one of my dreams.

I hope anyone, who is interested in medicine or other sciences, can enjoy the informative content on my blog and would maybe even learn something new.

Thank you for visiting and being interested in my blog!