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The process of ovulation occurs every month in the organism of the woman. It consists of the egg leaving the ovary and falling into the Fallopian tube. There are two ovaries in the female reproductive system that take turns in releasing a ready for fertilization egg.

As an infant when gonads are formed, primordial germ cells move and find their place in the gonads. Then these cells differentiate into oogonia. Typical of these cells is that they divide using mitosis multiple times and increase in number. Each cell then is surrounded by a circle of epithelium cells that are flat, called follicular cells. Read more

The Locomotor System

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The Locomotor system of the human body ensures the stability and mobility of the organism. Moving your hand or leg, smiling, closing your eyes and every other movement you do is due to this system. This system contains of the bones and the muscles.

The number of bones in the grown up is 206. Babies have a greater amount of bones, but as they age the bones combine with each other, forming bigger, more stable ones. Muscles are attached to the bones and because of this attachment movement is possible. Usually each muscle is attached to two bones and when it contracts the bones move as well as the body. Contraction of muscle tissue inside the organs creates peristalsis – very important for numerous functions that are essential for the organism. The muscles in your face that let you make mimics have a different way of attachment – they are connected to a bone and to the skin. Because of this when they contract, the skin is moved and the specific mimics are expressed. There are more than 500 muscles in the body. Read more

Relax And Impove The Health Of Your Skin With The Benefits Of a Chocolate Bath

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If you are looking for a way how to completely relax after a long day or an unpleasant even, then this is one great choice. For centuries people have been using unusual ingredients when bathing – milk baths are one example for this. That is because of the health effects such ingredients have on the skin. As mentioned in the article for milk baths, chocolate baths also help moisturize the skin. Dry skin is not only unhealthy for the whole organism, but of course it is not quite good looking as well.

Giving yourself the luxury of experiencing such a way of relaxation, would improve the circulation of blood in your skin. That means more oxygen and nutritions are reaching the tissues in your skin, therefore cells can function better. It’s also known that every day dead cells from the surface of our skin are falling off and being replaced by division of cells underneath them. This most outer layer of the skin protects it against the UV rays in the sunlight.
Also it is important because it stands as physical and chemical barrier from substances around us. It is important to keep the normal balance between cells that are removed and the ones that replace them, because this is also a protection against microorganisms. The chocolate bath would help remove the unneeded cells from the stratum corneum. In this way the skin remains shiny and good looking and at the same time performing its functions the best way possible. Read more

Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas is of great help for me

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Visible body is a firm that offers services that are extremely hard to find anywhere else. Since a year or so I have been their customer. I purchased one of their products and it has been of great use to me.

The product I purchased was Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas. I know there are dozens of anatomy atlases out there on the market, but this virtual one offers many features. First of all, you do not have to carry an enormous heavy book around with you. It is absolutely enough to have a phone or a tablet to use this application. You can also use it on your laptop, easy and fast. Of course, you can use many atlases at once, which perhaps would be the best to get the possibly the best view of what you are reading about. I have had a lot of problems particularly with this subject. The atlas I was using was good I may say, but there were particular views that were missing. Because of this as other medical students know if you do not see it and understand it, then you have learned nothing. Read more


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What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that many people have been diagnosed with. There is no real treatment for it, it lasts a lifetime. It is connected to a hormone – insulin, that is produced by the pancreas. Insulin is important for letting additional sugar from the blood inside the cells. If there is some change in the normal quantity of insulin released into the blood by the pancreas, then more sugar than the normal amount will stay in the blood. However, in the organism there is a basic rule – homeostasis. Every liquid has a specific concentration of each substance and this is extremely important for every function that takes place. Additional  sugar in your blood will lead to different changes in your organs, which will affect their normal function. This leads to death. Read more

Is Activia Yoghurt good for you?

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Activia yoghurt is one of the best known products on the market. There are many women who eat it on a daily basis, perhaps not only women. The effect of Activia should be to help your organism maintain a normal metabolism. This is why it is supposed to help losing weight, because due to its help the organism parts with unneeded substances. However, the effect depends on each person. As you know every person is unique and this is shown in pretty much every part of it. For example, people are initially different in their minds –a particular thing for one person could be completely different for another person.  If you think in a specific way, it does not mean the other person thinks the same. Even if they do it would not be 100% the same as what you think. If for you one type of scent is good, then for the other person it could be bad. Everything about us is unique. Read more